Friday, December 16, 2011

Hilarious Picture of Totti in Borriello's Ridiculous Hipster Glasses

Oh Francesco. Amid turmoil at the club and regarding your future, you still find time for a few laughs around the locker room and training ground! You're the best. Forza Capitano!

And props to this awesome blog The River Tiber, where I found this picture!

Once a Toffee, always a Toffee...

Landon Donovan's sweet-tooth for competitive football has come back! LD will be gearing up once again for Everton in a two month loan spell slated to begin on January 1. 

Finally, Donovan provides me with fodder to boast about, rather than shake my head in disdain. Some of you may have heard Brad Friedel's remarks last week insinuating Landon preferred the big sponsorship money offered to sportsmen in the USA rather than the fight for the first team in a European league. To my surprise, many people (who I can only assume know nothing about world football and its accolades) vehemently rebuked Friedel's statements. They expressed disgust with Friedel, who has been a starter in the English Premier League, the best league in the world, for about 10 years. Shocking. As you might imagine, I stood with the old man on this one. I was crossing my fingers to hear about news of a move.

To my delight (and many other's), Donovan has made the leap once again. This loan, as the last spell in 2010, I, along with the Toffee faithful, will be crossing my fingers for a permanent move. Let me be clear - I could care less about Everton, but in terms of our country's best player of all time's footprint on world football - I'm rooting for a permanent move that will lead to something big for Donovan.

Go Landon and go Toffees!