Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Blur of a Brazilian: Pato

Did everyone see the ridiculous fashion in which Pato scored last night a mere 25 seconds into Milan's Champions League clash with Barcelona at Camp Nou? Well if you didn't, you must watch this video:

Truly amazing. Pato made the Barcelona midfield and defense look like school children! Why doesn't he do that all the time?!

I know there are some Pato haters out there who believe he will not live up to his potential, but after seeing a piece of magic like that I would reserve room for hope that he can produce magic like this consistently. Imagine Milan with a healthy, in form Pato? They hardly had him last year and took the title.

Keep your eyes on this young man and the Italian champs, people.

Side note: during this blog post I kept erroneously writing Pato as Patio, which lead me to wonder if Pato would be as awesome on the field if his name was actually Patio. After thinking it through, a Brazilian named Patio would probably just draw laughs, not first team call ups. Alexandre Patio. Haha.